Hello my Friends,

I am so thrilled to introduce “EVER AFTER THE FAREWELL” to the world!

In celebration of the pure joy that I felt making this album I’ve dreamt up a list of items for a special pre-sale that I want to offer up to YOU, my loyal fans and friends until the album is released on April 6th.

These unique items are truly a reflection of myself and I can’t wait to share them with you all!

A few examples of the merchandise that will be available to you and only you include: Handwritten lyric sheets, handwritten postcards from the road, signed limited edition vinyl test pressings, signed limited edition tour posters and VIP tickets (that include attending sound check at one of my many headline performances this year).

Thank you so much for checking out my pre-sale. As always, it’s an incredible honour to be able to share my music with all of you. Your ongoing support means the world and it is not something that I take for granted.



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