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“One Of You” is an open love letter. An invitation. A message in a bottle that says when you’re losing your light, I’ll be the diamond in the sky not only yesterday and today but tomorrow and forever.

I wanted the video to be a play on the word “magic” because in the beginning that is exactly what love feels like – magic.  It is a spell that is cast. And if you’re powerful enough to wield its power carefully and with devotion, love can be the ultimate trick you perform for life with your chosen one. If you’re REALLY lucky? It won’t turn out to be an illusion after all.

Royal Wood: The Road to Massey Hall

In this brief 5-minute doc you will follow Royal Wood and his journey to the iconic Massey Hall stage in Toronto. It features commentary by very special Canadian guests, Ron SexsmithDan ManganSerena RyderSam RobertsEd RobertsonJoel Plaskett, and Jim Cuddy.