GRAMMY Awards® "For Your Consideration" Nomination:

I am pretty pumped to say for the first time in my career, an album of mine called “WHAT TOMORROW BRINGS” is up “For Your Consideration” for BEST FOLK ALBUM at next year’s GRAMMY Awards®

THAT IS CRAZY. People could actually vote for it? Mind blown!

I know the odds are a long shot of getting the full nomination. But man oh man it’s something to be in the long list of contenders.

Thank you to the Grammy®’s for putting it on the list. And thank you to everyone in advance of voting. As well, I want to give a heartfelt congrats to all of the other albums listed in this year’s potential nominations.

No matter what I am just thrilled to be a part of the process. Or as my American friends say… PRAWCESS.


P.S. Special thanks to everyone who contributed to making this album what it is. You all know who you are ❤️🎶


The JUST ANOTHER DAY EP was a labour of love. It was and is the first release I engineered and recorded myself. What made it even more enjoyable was that it was in my new home studio that I set up during the initial COVID lockdowns. Though I have written, performed and produced many of my own songs throughout my career, I have never done the recording myself, so this all felt very unique and special to me getting to work in solitude. Getting to plug in an electric guitar, or a bass, and just play without anyone in the room felt very liberating. Being able to try any production I wanted without discussing it first with the ‘team’ felt like I was a fish in water. I instantly knew how to swim and where I wanted to go.